Justin Grant Sculpture
The figure is a vehicle, which opens the door for me to express every experience that there is to have as an individual and a species. I believe figurative sculpture is an interpretation of the comedy and the tragedy of the human experience. The history of figurative sculpture intrigues me, because the values held in the stone and metal forms still impact generations of people in the exact way their creators intended.
In my sculpture I try to express my individual relationship with human form and a personal need for beauty. As a sculptor I try to create pieces that express all of the beauty, vitality, and emotional complexities o the human spirit. By using clay as a medium, I am free to capture the subtleties and relationships of the soft geometry from which we are constructed. The press of a finger or the swipe of a tool can manipulate the contrast from light to shade, which can create a pattern and emphasize the movement of the pose or composition.
I love to participate I every part of the creation of my work, from the bending of my armature, through the mold-making process, to the founding of my own final bronze castings. It then becomes mine completely in concept and execution. My state of mind while sculpting clay in the quiet peace and order of my studio is so different from the one experienced during the transformation of the piece into a metal one. In contrast, pouring molten metal and fabricating forms in the noisy, sweltering foundry can involve a brilliant green flame, and a sparking orange glow, as well as a degree of unpredictability and chaos. I find it to be a journey filled with trials, effort, and stumbling, often ending on a new plateau of inspiration and artistic realization. When my work is complete I see my sculptures as space clothed in metal and stone capsules set forth on their individual missions; to be loved, hated or simply to continue the tradition of figurative sculpture.